Grant Application

Our grant application process ensures that funding is provided to organizations that provide assistance to individuals and families within our local community.

Mission Statement

Work together to provide assistance to those most in need.

Grant Application Process


We fund programs and provide seed money for initiatives in the four areas that are critical to our mission: food, clothing, shelter, and rehabilitation.


The Grant Committee makes funding decisions through a competitive, annual grant-making process.  We consider various criteria including financial need, impact, sustainability, and budget.


Grants are awarded only to organizations that attest that they do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, creed, religious affiliation, gender or national origin.


The submission deadline for grant applications is October 31 and grants are are announced on December 1st.

The 200 Foundation has awarded millions of dollars in grants to local non-profit organizations. These funds support our core mission to provide the basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter, and rehabilitation within our local community and have made a profound impact on peoples lives.