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About us

Founded in 1964, The 200 Foundation is a group of Metrowest business and community leaders who volunteer their time to raise money for programs that assist families and individuals throughout Massachusetts. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, The 200 Foundation provides grants that support local services such as food pantries, shelters, rehabilitation, and child service organizations.

The 200 Foundation Volunteers
The 200 Foundation Volunteers

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: work together to provide assistance to those most in need.

Meet The 200 Foundation

Corporate Officers

  • Adam D. Bortolussi
  • Philip Ottaviani, Jr.
  • Jeffrey Krasner
  • William Wing
  • Kevin Coan

Executive Board of Directors

  • Daniel F. Bortolussi
  • Christopher H. Mingace
  • Paul D. Everett
  • Robert D. Abrams
  • Timothy N. Fitts
  • Leonard F. Fournier, Jr.
  • Ronald G. Isaacson
  • James Patterson
  • Steve Sewell
  • Brendon Giblin
  • Joseph Verri

Advisory Board of Directors

  • Danielle Avery
  • Jeffrey Barbadora
  • Brian D. Busconi, M.D.
  • Morgan Duffy
  • Ashley Haseotes
  • Melissa Horgan
  • Lindsey Morris
  • Jay Pelland
  • David Seidenberg
  • Paul Weldon
  • Linda Isaacson
  • Heather Sewell
  • Diane Lynch
  • Pamela Perini
  • Janet Leombruno
  • Christine Duquette
  • Jennifer Mencoboni
  • Charles Budd
  • Ashley Sewell
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